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GEORGIA PAIZI is a choreographer and movement teacher. Her practice develops in three directions: the methodologies and technical background of improvisation practices in dance, the psychophysical training of the performer, as well as an intermediate area where breath, voice, spoken word and idiosyncratic movement develop in relation to each other. As a choreographer, her work is conceptual and relational. Georgia lives and works in Athens, where she teaches, writes, makes, and currates COCHLEA studia. Georgia has a comprehensive experience of self-care & organic education methods in the performing arts, with an extensive interest in the decolonization of touch in hands-on practices as well as restoring consent & inclusion. She is an Alexander technique teacher (LCATT/STAT, London 2014-2017), completing certification as a Skinner Releasing Technique teacher this July (SRN/SRI, Glasgow 2023-2024), while also being the first Greek dance professional currently training as an intimacy choreographer (IDCprofessionals, CFA/Level3). Georgia is an ARTWORKS/SNF fellow 2021 in the field of choreography. In 2024 she was nominated for the British Council UK Alumni Award 2024 in the Arts.

AS A CHOREOGRAPHER, Georgia works with COCHLEA res (MUTE/2022, Audible Dances/2021, Things my Hands Sea/2020) within the framework of the KOXLIAS non-profit, with which she also organizes program SYANASKi, a multidisciplinary program for movement, anatomy, and contemporary dance practices with the participation of twenty teaching-artists. Since 2020, Georgia Paizi & COCHLEA res have received state funding (Greek Ministry of Culture), as well as institutional funding (Fotis Kostopoulos Foundation, Stavros Niarchos Foundation) on a regulare basis.

Georgia TEACHES the Alexander Technique, Skinner Releasing Technique, anatomy, and kinaesthetic voicework since 2017 in the professional performing education settings (Munisipal Drama School of City of Patras, "delos" Theater School/Athens, Modern Times Drama School/Athens) and on a free-lancing basis collaborates with professional schools, conservatories, studios and festivals in Greece, London and Berlin (Attica School of Ancient Drama, Akropoditi Dance Festival, Music Village, Chisenhale Dance Space, Tanzfabrik Berlin, DOCK11, Filippos Nakas Conservatory, Maros Marmarinou Vocational School, PhonoQuest, Greek Dance-Therapists Association). 

Georgia has presented her choreographic & teaching practices as a guest-teacher in the Theater Department of AUTh (Acting, Michael Marmarinos), in the Department of Theater Studies (Body Training Methods, Ioanna Tzarzani) and in the Department of Performing & Digital Arts (Multimedia & Directing: Theory & Applications, Anna Tzakou) of UoP, as well as for the Stockholm University of the Arts (Stockholm University of the Arts, post-graduate students web-conference). A short essay of Georgia's on her teaching practices during the pandemic and the shift towards digital environmentw has been published in the Theatre, Dance and Performance Training journal. Georgia is a visiting professor in the Alexander Technique teacher training & certification program of the Alexander Technique Greece center directed by Christos Noulis in Thessaloniki, has taught the Experiential Anatomy Seminar for the Greek Dance-Therapists Association certification programme. Find Georgia's online class on AT, imagination & SRT inspired material on the Judith Leibowitz Scholarship Fund library here.

Georgia trained in choreography & techniques in London (2014-2018, Independent Dance & Trinity Laban MA Creative Practice Dance Professional Pathway/Gill Clarke Scholarship/TLDA Award, London Center for Alexander Technique & Training three year teacher training/STAT certification, College of Cranial-Sacral Therapy /Anatomy & Physiology foundation course), Vienna (ImpulsTanz/ATLAS 2022), Amsterdam (SNDO intensive course 2008), and New York (Movement Research studio/MELT 2007), with Rosemary Butcher, Rosemary Lee, Deborah Hay, Mathilde Monnier, Jennifer Lacey (choreography), Guy Cools (drama), Liza Nelson, Simone Forti, Daniel Lepkoff, Benoît Lachambre, Julyen Hamilton, Douglass Dunn, Frans Poelstra (improvisation), Nikos Mastrokostopos (individual Alexander technique lessons, Athens 2012-2013), Miranda Tufnell, Glenna Batson, Eva Karczag, Alex Howard, Judith Kleinman, Lucia Walker (Alexander technique, ideokinesis, CST), Caryn McHose (Rolf Movement), Barbara Mahler (Klein technique), Vicky Shick, Julie Mayo (Releasing technique), DD Dorville, Lily Kiara, Bettina Neuhaus, Gaby Agis, MC McKenna, Florence Peak, Alex Crowe, Lizzy LeQuesne, Sally E Dean, Ruth Gibson (Skinner Releasing technique), Kerstin Kussmaul (Myoreflex Therapy), KJ Holmes , Katy Dymoke, Charlotte Darbyshire (Body-Mind Centring), studied the breath, voice & vocal practices with Angelique Willkie (Movement & Voice), Catherine Fitzmaurice, Ryan O'Shea (Fitzmaurice Voicework), Total Vocal Freedom, Ted Dymon (Alexander Technique), Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains), Patrick McKeown (Buteyko Method), Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (Body-Mind Centering), Kristin L. Sanders (Kinesiology Taping for Respiratory, Oral Motor, & Speech), and Akyllas Karazisis (narration, literalness, orality), and followed the CPD "Voice in Singing - Investigation, Awareness and Practice of the Voice Mechanism" programme at NKUA. Georgia studied social sciences & humanities in Greece (NTUA School of Architects/ MA in spatial theory Design-Space-Culture with Stavros Stavridis, George Marnelakis, and Aristidis Baltas, UoP/ Dept. of Theater Studies with Maria Tsouvala, Vassiliki Barbousis and Michael Marmarinos).

She is a member of the Greek Dance Union, and a mother of two.

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